Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ingredients to the Perfect Wedding

Every girl grows up imagining her perfect wedding. No matter where you reside, no matter what the culture, it is this innate reverie embedded in every girl’s biological makeup. So what are the ingredients to the perfect wedding?  Better yet, to make things more interesting, what constitutes as your perfect ‘Pakistani’ wedding?

For starters, to have a groom present! 
Much like you choose the perfect fat chicken at the grocers, you must find your chicken (groom) before the wedding. The minute a girl turns the ripe age of 18, a switch flips in her parents’ brains (no matter how liberal, they are all thinking it), and they unconsciously/consciously begin eyeing eligible boys for their little princess. All the while without realizing, their little princess is doing the same. This therefore brings us to the age old debate of the arranged marriage vs. the love marriage. For those lucky few who meet their mates in the pages of a beautiful love story, that they later proudly tell their children and grandchildren, it’s quite simple. But for the rest of the commoners, it means countless cringe-worthy tea parties, small-talk, and exercise of the cheek muscles from all that fake smiling. Not to mention the ever growing portfolio of mama’s-boys eyeing you from across the room with cheesy smiles, leaving you feeling like an ├ęclair on display at a bakery window.
Once the groom is in, next step is all about ‘Location, Location, Location’. With the vast abundance of wedding halls this step has been made relatively easier. You pay the wedding hall and they make all the arrangements, but being classic Pakistani businesses, you will find negligent slipshod methods in play. The only cutlery you find at a wedding like this is a spoon; I ask, how is one supposed to eat chicken tikka, with a spoon? Not to mention chairs that have been colour coded to match the walls in a toddler’s nursery and table centre pieces that consist of a jar with a single stem red rose; how romantic!
The fortunate few who have access to farm houses and empty plots of land, pitch up their tents and create a dreamy bubble within which for one night one gets transported away from the daily grind, to a twinkling utopia of bright smiles, colourful clothes and food fit for a king.
The most vital ingredient in the perfect wedding revolves around the one thing that draws the crowds and puts the ‘joy’ in the joyous occasion. The recent limit by the government to the amount of dishes served has put a damper on the occasion, but that does not stop people from finding loop holes in order to serve the 15 dishes (excluding Firni, which is not constituted as a dish but more of a necessity at every wedding). In order to have a successful wedding, one that is the talk of the town, one has to manage to serve all the important food groups, and then more. It’s true what they say, the way to a Pakistani’s heart is surely through their stomach!
“If music be the food of love, play on.”
But if that music is a grumpy old man on a piano (one that does not take requests), and plays mostly his own rendition of ‘careless whisper’, do you really want him to play on?
Just for once I would like to hear some classic soothing jazz, which does not come off as cheesy. But then without the cheesy backdrop music, what would soundtrack the sappy speeches? Another fad that has caught on like wild fire, where members of the family hog the microphone for longer than they should, in an attempt to tell inside jokes, (that only the family understands) and teary versions of congratulatory speeches. One wedding I accidentally walked into had an hour long ceremony, complete with speeches, and bouquets given to family members by the bride and groom, as a ‘thank you for participating in their wedding’. If you think that was odd, now imagine it with game-show music in the back every time a family member came up on stage to receive their bouquet. Personally, I feel, this part could be left out of the ceremony, for the sake of the guests, who are not closely related to the wedding party.

Weddings rarely go exactly as you expect them to, but for every girl who has ever imagined her fairytale wedding; it is the happiest day of her life. And what better way to start a brand new chapter in your life than with a bang. That is exactly what one family thought they would do, when they decided to enter with the barat on horse-drawn carriages. A beautiful sight to see, as the carriages pulled in and beautiful girls with their long flowing dresses and parlour-perfect hair got off. What they did not anticipate was fireworks, scaring the poor horses into frenzy and ending in quite a ‘messy’ and chaotic situation. Word to the wise, if you try to top that and settle for a Mughal-theme wedding, complete with the barat entering on elephants, think again!


If it were my wedding, I would want there to be utter chaos, to derive the maximum fun out of an occasion which otherwise is expected to be completely boring and civilized. After all, don’t you want to remember this day for the rest of your life? 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Songs for your Valentine--s Day!

Happy V-Day y'all  :)
Got a Valentine? Or are you one of those bitter few that insists its a stupid hallmark holiday for card companies and flourists to make profits?

Okay now for the serious stuff (not really)..Thought i'd put down what i'll be listenting to all V-DAY Playlist: {catering to the rollercoaster of emotions one feels on this day and in no particular order}
-(Click on titles to get youtube link)

Old school feel-good love songs..
Bitter/Breakup/Alternate love song..

Beautiful, lovely, (actual) love songs..

Much Love Xx

..MushaBoom- Smile, Dance & Laugh!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Bring on the New Year..and some new Music!

Actually iv been 'bringing on' the new year for a month now, and i still don't feel like iv embarked on a new journey as yet! You know that feeling of Change, brand-new-awakening and that new-found-hope that you feel at the beginning of each year? as soon as you wake up, the morning after New years (after of course the sick feeling of partying like its the end of the world, the night before).
Bottom Line, i don't feel it as yet..I have felt a lot of other things, thought of all the ways i can change things up a bit, so as to not feel like i'm stuck in some kind of rut! So far the only thing that has changed (yet again) is the kind of music iv been listening to lately..(in an attempt to uplift my Soul-says the psychotherapist side of my brain). So here i am, sharing again, with you..hope it lifts your soul as well!

I want the world to stop- Belle & Sebastian ..Starting slow, an excellent tune with an old school feel. I for one cannot get enough of it. Top of my playlist.

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N- Noah and the whale ..From the english Indie band that brought you '5 years time' (which im sure iv talked about before-go through previous posts you lazies)

Sweet about me- Ida Maria(BBC Live Lounge) ..An amazing cover of Gabrielle Cilmi..which some say is better than the original.. personally i felt both were so different that they could be songs in their own right! This one i might just like (slightly) better, mostly because of her raspy smokey voice backed by some gorgeous guitar..Classic Live lounge!

Someone Like you-Adele (BBC Live Lounge) ..Since we are on the live lounge/slow-mo theme, i though id put in an absolute Beaut of a song by one of my favorites. The piano complements her deeply emotional vocals with lyrics that pierce into your heart and hit a home run (c'mon do you feel a pinch in your heart when you hear the words? Happened to us all, at some point or the other, right?)

Window Seat- Erykah Badu ..The ultimate Queen of soul/funk. A lyrical genius that speaks directly to you..yes the everyday you. Chilled out stuff, guaranteed win!

Rolling in the Deep-Adele (Jamie XX remix) ..The original is one of my favoirtes off her new album..and another great artist, Jamie (from The XX-band) has taken the song ot whole other level, with this great remix!

Time to change tempo..

Hello- Martin Solveig & Dragonette ..Speaks for itself!

Animal- Neon Trees ..Weird lyrics, but what a fun song, that gets stuck in your head so bad! UH-OH!

What You Know-Two Door Cinema Club ..This band has fast become one of my favorites, simply for their very distinct sound. Really enjoyed listening to this in the car, singing along!

You can Dance- Chilly Gonzales ..Top of my playlist these days! Highly Recommend a listen!! (the video starts off funny/cute but fast becomes creepy, sexist and Weird. So apologies for the vid, this was the only one with the good version)

My feelings for you- Avicii & Sebastian Drums ..Danced to this for quite a while, in my room, car, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Its just one of those!

Millionaire-Kelis feat. Andre 3000 ..Foot thumpin' body boppin' feel good stuff from two very talented (and deeply under rated) artists.

Bad Gal- Savage Skulls & Douster feat. Robyn ..I hear this and it transports me to a club..Good Stuff! Robyn on vocals, with a beat that is difficult not move to!

Animal Rights- Deadmau5 & Wolfgang Gartner ..No vocals, just cool fun stuff! Starts off properly at 1 min, so push forward if your the impatient kind!

Household Goods- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs ..and also known as T.E.E.D. Cool name haan. N'uff said? take a listen and you'll know why im not saying more..The cheezy lazer sounds in the song don't turn you off because your too busy enjoying it so much!

Demons-Fenech Soler (Hotchkiss remix) ..I have spoken about Fenech Soler time and time again..i Love them, and this remix is brilliant.And just when you think the remix does justice, theres another, which i have equally grown to appreciate so i give you the choice of hearing them both and making your own decision.
Demons-Fenech Soler (Yuksek remix) (the original songs good too! these two don't take away that much from it)

I Love You So-Cassius (Skream remix) ..Gorgeous tune! Just put together perfectly! My Anthem these days..and will be my Valentines day anthem! Something different to the cheezy love songs people play all day..this shall be mine :) (and maybe yours, who knows)

Slow Down- Break & Dj Die ..Don't be fooled by the title and the name of the artists, heh! Powerful stuff, here! Caution, it is Dub-Step, and is heavy and is also an acquired you might not enjoy it a much as i do! (Also i must add, it is a great motivator on the treadmill, if you want to give it a try!)

We can have it all- Danny Byrd (Sigma remix) ..Hello treadmill! Up-tempo-run-motivator


Friday, November 5, 2010


Its that time of the month again.. (no not that time)
With a mixture of some heavy and light stuff..check out what im listening to (#whatimlisteningto) these days :)
(and hopefully so will you be..)

  • Magic- B.O.B ..My guilty to have me one upbeat fun (totally mainstream) song :p this ones just so much fun makes me smile!

  • The Reeling- Passion Pit .. Have you heard Sleepyhead by Passion Pit? no? Its good! Also if you like the big clavin Harris, he remixed this check that out too..i cant makeup my mind about which one i like better..the original or the remixed one.. so i listen to both :)

  • The Reeling- Passion Pit (Calvin Harris Remix)

  • Getting Nowhere- Magnetic Man ft. John Legend ..Not what you would usually expect from John Legend, even vocally..but very nicely done!! Magnetic Man has its own charm..dont you think?!

  •  Acapella- Kelis ft. David Guetta .. Guetta has the beats and kelis just has this amazing raspy voice that catches your attention the minute she starts..for those who are forgetting who Kelis is, " milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.." (if you dont like this..change my name to milkshake)

  • Te Quiero- Stromae .. From the awkward scrawny little belgian guy(of french-rawandan origin) who brought you the world-renowned 'Alors on Danse'..His newest one! Cant really move to this in a club(yet) sure some dj out there will remix it soon..but i like it! More wordy than the first (even though i still cant understand it)

  • Hold Yuh- Gyptian (Major Lazer Remix) .. Major lazer will always hold a special place in my heart after 'Pon Di Floor'..and the jamaican vibe on this song just makes you want to move man!

  • 4th Of July (Fireworks)- Kelis ..still looking for this perfect remix of this song i had once heard..hvnt found it yet..but the originals pretty good too..! Like i said..this lady has a great voice!

  • Undertow- Warpaint ..If  She & Him and The XX got together and had beautiful little Indie babies, they'd be Warpaint! (hint hint you like either of the two bands i just mentioned as their mama/'ll like warpaint)

  • Happiness- Alexis Jordon .. cheesy lyrics (theres always one) but somehow after listening to it for the third time, i started liking the "mmm mMmm Mmm" haha i know i sound like a retard but you will know what i mean once you hear it!

  • After Dark- The Count & Sinden Ft. Mystery Jets .. Fun song! not a club-type song but definitely listen to it in the car!

  • Lissie- When Im Alone (live) ..She is one of Favorites these days!! The passion she sings with Live is unbelievable, doesnt miss a note! I would love to see her live in a small auditorium/hall type of setting.. a big open concert might not do justice! She even Collaborates with Ellie Goulding..Two Women Power Houses! Crazy vocals!!

Since my computer is on the fritz again..i found out (through my own stupidity) i lost alot of my songs collection..very touchy topic..lets move on..
Basically i found an re-building my song library i have rediscovered/re-listened to alot of old classics i had hidden in the way back of my mind..and im thouroughly enjoying them once are a few:
Old school NOSTALGIA-

Can you imagine i say our time and classics in teh same sentense..makes me feel not!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Club Me!

Festival or club?!
Anything will do!
So i included the links as well for all you lazy fools!

Hot Mess- Chromeo ..i love how the sound of the 90's is coming back!

Wont go quietly- Example

Any Which Way-Scissor Sisters ..Fun Tune!

Fenech Solar MiniMix Radio 1 ..wowawooza mashup!

I think i like it- Fake Blood  .. Like every great song they tease you for the first minute! The buildup is worth it!  (video or the original songs pretty whack too)

La Mezcla-Michel Cleis (Laidback Luke Re-edit) of my new favs, first heard it on the essential mix (in the next link-MUST HEAR!)

Radio 1 Essential Mix in Ibiza 2009 ..this blew my mind.

Pon de Floor- Major Lazor (afrojack radio mix) ..this song just drives me crazy..not the beginning particularly, but when it takes off, brilliant! Also featured in the essential mix above :P

Fix Your Accent- Fake Blood ..yes im totally crushing on fake blood.

NYC moves to the sound of LA- Funeral Party ..and their other stuff is great too!
(not necessarily club/festival material)

Im in Love-Alex Gaudino

Miami to Ibiza- Swedish House Mafia ft. Tinie Tempah

Tokyo(Vampires & Warewolves)- The Wombats

Barbra Streisand- Duck Sause

..Enjoy it as much as i am!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Coz It Makes You Want To Moooooove!

Summers over, but im still basking in the summer-song glory!
If you like what you hear, hit me up so we can chat more music! :)
Dance Dance like its the Last Last night of your Life Life-->
(headsup: song titles/artists in red)

  • Usher- Dj got us fallin' in Love.. heeees back!
  • Chromeo- Fancy Footwork..the song was elevated and put on the scene with Step Up 3D
  • Danny Byrd- ill Behaviour.. dubstep- Caution: not everybody's cup of tea (before you start hating on my taste in music)
  • Duck Sauce- Barbra Streisand..don't be fooled by the lack of vocals, very catchy tune!
  • Tensnake- Coma Cat.. another one with minimal vocal, but great sound! A very summer-in-ibiza-festival song
  • Fake Blood- I think i like it./.Fix your Accent.. this one is a double feature! I give you two songs from the same artist coz i liked them so much! (you might not, but fingers crossed) Infused in a set by a dj at a festival/club these songs would blow your mind..i guess you just have to close your eyes and let your imagination run wild (as i do mine) Clever, minimalistic vocals and great mooovin' beats!
  • Cee-Lo- Forget you.. From the genius behind Gnarles Barkley, one of the most upbeat-makes you happy-but actually quite a bitter song haha!
  • The Ting Tings- Hands..If this song doesn't make you bob your head with the beat..change my name!
  • Scissor Sisters- Any which way.. because you can never have enough of the scissor sisters :)
  • Kelly Rowland-Forever and a Day.. i am not embarassed to say that Destinys Child had some serious talent, and not all of it was in Beyonce, no matter how much her dad insists! The beat of this song makes you want to move!
  • Kesha- Take it Off.. Now i am ashamed to say i like this not a big fan of Kesha or most mainstream music..DONT even talk to me about Beiber(my head might explode, and not in a good way) but this song..somehow, i like!
  • Basement Jaxx ft. Paloma Faith- Whats a girl gotta do..a combo that not only brings great leg shakin' booty poppin' but a voice thats so retro its perfect for the Basement Jaxx sound.
  • Calvin Harris- Acceptable in the 80's.. Since we are on the topic of retro! Calvin Harris always bring some great tunage..i got love for you Calvin!
  • Example- Wont go quietly.. this little Brit is my fav these days, exploding on the scene with hit after hit! You might recognize him from 'KickStarts'- my Summer 2010 Tune!
    (check out his 'Last one standing' as well)
  • Monarchy- Love get out of my way.. i can see myself dancing to this in my room, can you?!
  • Mark Ronson and the Businss Int'l- The Bike Song.. crazy song titles and even crazier melodies..but they work! Remember Bang Bang Bang? (suggestion: give it more then one listen, ul like it better)
  • Swedish house Mafia ft. Tinie Tempah- Miami to Ibiza.. I have become a HUGE fan of Swedish house mafia after their 'One' ft. Pharrell..and this one doesnt disappoint!
  • Temper Trap- Sweet Disposition(Alan wilkis remix).. Remeber this? soundtrack to 500 days of Summer..well this is a whole new fresh take on it, with leaving all the greatness in the song intact! brilliant opening drum beat that continues throughout becoming the pulse of the song, with just the right amount of techno tuning! Best remix iv heard for this song so far!
  • Fenech Solar- Lies.. not the strongest lyrically..but then again most good songs arn't :p ('your tellin me sweet lies sleepin with everythin'.. convinced?!)
  • The Wombats- Tokyo(vampires & wolves).. Very upbeat everything! vocals, drums, guitars, etc. fromt the boys who brought you 'Lets dance to joy division'
  • Dirty South ft. Rudy- Phasing.. another great festival song
  • Lissie- Cuckoo.. new breakout singer heard live, because i believe she sounds better live! Check out her 'When im Alone' live on youtube. I like her for her lyrics-very talented! (Fell in love with being defiant, in a pickup truck that roar like a lion)
  • Labrinth- Let the Sun Shine.. cheesy but makes you smile, every time!
  • Plain White T's- Rhythm of Love.. doesnt fit in the dance category(the pattern iv been following throughout this post-so far) But its got great rhythm..take special notice to the drum beat! cheezy but totally gets stuck in your head!

(some rock..because you can never have enough of that!)

  • Pendulum- The Island.. its actually in two parts, but i think ul be good with part 1.. and again is more of an acquired taste..a sleeping taste which has recently awoken in me (if that makes any sense to you)
  • Funeral Party- Just Because.. Also check out their previous NYC moves to the sound of LA beats.
  • 30 Seconds to Mars- Closer to the Edge..Check out the Video, you'l know why i like them!
  • Paramore- Careful.. this band just proves to be more and more awesome, with a powerhouse for a lead singer!
  • Biffy Clyro- God and Satan.. Great lyrics!
  • Kings of Leon- Radioactive...Saved the BEST for last, their newest single from their new album..Although id like to give special mention to 'Fans' probably one of the best songs!

MiniMix/Essential Mix: (Go youtube right away!)
  1. Fenech Solar Minimix BBC Radio 1 on the Annie Mac show
  2. Radio 1's Essential Mix in Ibiza 2009
  3. Radio 1's Essentail Mix at Creamfields 2009
  4. Radio 1's Essential Mix at Sugabeat Club
..MushaBOOOM! :D

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Its always been about the music right..
This list is loooooong over due..sad that it comes out just when summer is coming to an end..or is it? You never know with Climate change tehse days..
Anyhoo..better late then never right?

Without futher ado...My Summer Playlist.
  • Kickstarts- example
  • Underdog- Kasabian
  • Famous- Scouting for Girls
  • Jump in the pool- Friendly Fires
  • Up in the clouds- Darwin deez
  • Decode- Paramore
  • You make me wanna die- Pretty Reckless
  • Miss nothing- Pretty Reckless
  • Coast of Carolina- Telekinesis
  • All the things that iv done- The Killers
  • Cross fire- Brandon Flowers
  • Miami- Foals
  • Hey Hey- Dennis Ferrer
  • Choices- The hoosiers
  • The cave- Mumford and sons
  • Just because- Funeral Party
  • Airplanes- B.O.B feat. Hayley(paramore)
  • In my System- Tinchy stryder
  • Pass out- Tinie Tempah
  • We no speak Americano- Yolanda Be cool
  • Why dont you- Gramaphonedzie (remix of a Peggy Lee song)
  • Cuckoo- Lissie
  • The Writer- Ellie goulding
  • I want to be a billionair- Travie McCoy
  • No. 1- Tinchy Stryder & N-Dubz
  • I think i like it- Fake Blood
  • Club cant handle me- Flo Rider
  • Let you go- Chase and status
  • Dakota- Stereophonics(BBC live lounge version)
  • Im Fly- Donaeo
  • Fans- Kings of Leon
  • Dreaming of another world- Mystery jets
  • The Bomb(these sounds fall into my mind)- Bucketheads
  • Once- Diana vickers
  • Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
  • One- Sky Ferreira
  • One- Swedish House mafia (feat. Pharrell)